Why Jeff Benton Homes

Guildmaster Award Winner

Guild Quality provides customer satisfaction surveying and reporting for quality-minded building and real estate professionals. Jeff Benton Homes utilizes this service in a continued quest to maintain high standards of customer service and quality building. With our Guild Quality surveys and our in-house surveys, we currently maintain a 94% recommendation rating. 


What Does Guildmaster Mean To You?

Receiving the Guildmaster Award in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Jeff Benton Homes is Huntsville's only 5-time Guildmaster Award winner. As a home shopper, knowing your builder is a member of Guild Quality, you can be assured that they take pride in their product and care about customer satisfaction. The greatest honor a member home builder can achieve is the Guildmaster Award, given to only a handful of Guild Quality members for exemplary quality and customer service. In order to even be considered for the award, the Guild Quality member must have achieved a recommended rate of 90% or greater with at least 70% of their customers completing a satisfaction survey. 


Visit the Guild Quality website to view our Customer Ratings